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Egnyte Combines Data Governance and Collaboration in Streamlined Content Services Platform

Companies are constantly developing content and creating files. Once upon a time, that just meant adding more storage to a local server, but today the world is cloud-based and collaborative. Organizations need to be able to work together on content in real-time and securely store and manage the data in a way that meets industry and regulatory compliance standards. Egnyte recently launched a new content services platform that streamlines collaboration and governance in a single platform.

Egnyte has its origins in cloud file storage—competing with platforms like Box and Dropbox. The world has changed since these platforms were introduced, though, and they’ve all had to adapt. Egnyte evolved from simple online file storage to offer the tools and services organizations need to collaborate effectively on creating content with Egnyte Connect, and to provide the security controls necessary for data protection and compliance with Egnyte Protect.

The new next-gen content services platform effectively combines Egnyte Connect and Egnyte Protect to provide customers with a single, flexible platform for managing content. The new platform leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to give companies greater visibility and control over their content.

“Digital content represents the lion’s share of data for most companies. In only the past few years we’ve seen its volume and value grow exponentially — and with that, its business risk,” said Egnyte CEO, Vineet Jain. “Business leaders today need to address security and productivity through a unified approach, and the only way you can scale that is with cloud-based machine learning and automation. With this new platform, Egnyte is democratizing content intelligence across our entire 16,000-customer install base, and leading the content services market into the content critical age where security and productivity must be thoroughly intertwined at every level so that companies of all sizes can seamlessly manage risk without constraining growth.”

“Since our decision to use Egnyte we have discovered that with this solution we got way more than a cloud file server and we now have an ever-evolving secure content platform. Our IT team has been able to integrate Egnyte with our applications through their API and roll out the platform to job sites without having to hire consultants,” explained Brian Williams, IT Manager at Harder Mechanical Contractors. “Every day we are finding new ways to evolve our workflows with the Egnyte platform.“

Every company has content. Every company needs to collaborate—either internally, externally, or both. Every company has to comply with compliance mandates. If you need to find a way to collaborate more efficiently and be more effective at data protection and compliance at the same time, you might want to check out what Egnyte has to offer.

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