Mixcder E10 wireless foldable Bluetooth headphones

Review: Mixcder E10 Wireless Headphones

I love music whether it’s playing from my car stereo, my iPhone, or the Sonos Play:1 speaker in my living room. Listening to music with headphones, however, allows you to be more immersed in the music and to hear nuances and details that are missed when playing over speakers. My Apple AirPods are great, but for big, deep sound I prefer over the ear headphones. That’s why I was excited to check out the Mixcder E10 wireless headphones.


The E10 wireless headphones have a build and feel that suggests high quality. They are solid without being heavy. When collapsed, the headphones are essentially a 9.4-inch circle that is 2.6 inches thick with the earpieces folded flat. The E10 headphones weigh in at 12.8 ounces.

Out of the box, you get the E10 headphones, along with an array of accessories. There is a compact carrying case, a micro USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and an adapter so you can plug the headphones into the dual-prong outlets found on many commercial airplanes.


The E10 headphones boast an impressive set of features. They have Bluetooth v5.0, which offers twice the data transmission rate, 4 times the range, and 8 times the bandwidth of the previous version. The headphones also have active noise cancelling (ANC). Mixcder claims that its ANC V4 chip effectively reduces low frequency ambient noise from things like airplanes, city traffic, or public areas by as much as 96%.

One of the more impressive features of the E10 headphones is the battery. Mixcder Super Charging (MSC) Technology provides all-day power and then some. An 8-minute charge can provide up to 3 hours of play time, and the E10 headphones can go for up to 30 hours on a full charge.

The headband expands to fit different sized heads as you would expect. The earpieces have comfortable foam covered by super soft vegan-friendly protein leather.

My Experience

The E10 headphones drown out the world. The ANC works almost too well. Even at a relatively low volume I found myself essentially engulfed in the music as if the outside world no longer existed.

It took me a minute to figure out the placement of the buttons by touch—so I can use them effectively while the headphones are on my head. I like that the buttons on the front pull double-duty. If you tap them they move the volume up and down, but if you hold them down for a second they change the track forward or back.

The sound is impressive. I am not a professional audiophile, but I found the quality of the sound to be better than most headphones I have used. The bass is deeper than what I get from my AirPods, and the whole range is crisper—especially at high volume.

One area where I might disagree with Mixcder a bit is the all-day comfort. I sympathize that there is a line to straddle between having them be snug enough to not just fall off of your head without being so tight that they compress your skull. Perhaps my head is larger than most, but it got a little uncomfortable after a while. I did find that it got better over time after breaking them in a bit and going out of my way to give them a stretch before putting them on.

The Verdict

I have no qualms against recommending the Mixcder E10 wireless headphones. They are listed on the Mixcder website for $139.99, but you can get them from Amazon for $89.99. Comparable headphones from Bose or Beats cost $300 or more.

At $90, the quality of construction and purity of sound are worth the investment. The battery life and quick-charging, and the active noise canceling are great features as well.

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