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Cybereason Backs Its Protection with $1 Million Breach Protection Warranty

Every security vendor believes that their product solves a problem and helps customers protect against a breach, exploit, or compromise. However, not every vendor is confident enough in their ability to deliver on that promise to back it up with cash. Cybereason today unveiled The Cybereason Breach Protection Warranty that puts its money where its proverbial mouth is when it comes to protecting customers.

Cybereason, which recently launched a complete brand refresh, is a leading player in the endpoint detection and response (EDR) arena. Cybereason recognizes that many of the sophisticated attacks today come from attackers trained in military and government intelligence, so they have brought together cybersecurity experts from across the military, government, and enterprise security sectors to fight fire with fire as the saying goes.

That is a solid strategy, but the challenge is to deliver real-world results that back it up. Organizations don’t need yet another cybersecurity tool to manage that adds complexity and expands the attack surface it is trying to protect. They just need cybersecurity that does what it says it will do and protects their networks, applications, and data. They want protection that gives them confidence.

A $1 million warranty is a great way to instill some confidence. A press release from Cybereason describes the Cybereason Breach Protection Warranty provides as insurance for customers against a variety of attacks including zero-day, malware and ransomware attacks. The breach warranty is available free of charge to customers with the Cybereason Ultimate package—a comprehensive endpoint security solution that combines the prevention, detection and response capabilities of the Cybereason Defense Platform with the guidance and 24×7 support of their Managed Services Team experts.

The press release explains:

Attacks continue to increase in frequency, and attack methods continue to evolve in their sophistication. Organizations place their trust in their security vendors to protect them, so vendors should in turn be accountable to deliver effective solutions. Thousands of organizations throughout the world leverage Cybereason each day to outthink and outpace attackers, and the Cybereason Breach Protection Warranty offering underscores the company’s continued commitment to supporting customers in their daily battle with the adversary. Where traditional tools fail to prevent attacks and ultimately flood security teams with alerts, the Cybereason Defense Platform proactively removes threats from the environment and leverages operation-centric protection by delivering a single Malop™ that reveals the complete story of an in-progress malicious operation, enabling defenders to end the attack with a single click.

“Cybereason was founded with a mission to reverse the adversary advantage and return the high ground to the defenders, and that’s why we deliver future-proof solutions that protect organizations from evolving threats,” said Lior Div, Cybereason co-founder and CEO in the Cybereason press release. “We are confident that Cybereason’s combined solutions and services will protect our customers from a major security event – so confident in fact, we are backing up our words with a $1 million Breach Protection Warranty.”

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