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3 Reasons Why VPS Hosting is Essential for Your Business in 2021

The technology you use as the foundation of your business plays an important role in your business’s success, security, privacy, and scalability. Website hosting is one among them that is, unfortunately, often not given due importance initially.

Most businesses start from the absolute basics when it comes to hosting and stick with shared hosting (being the cheapest). And they realize later that they need to switch to a better, secure, and customizable hosting plan.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting gives you a virtual server with your own CPU, storage, and RAM. You enjoy a lot of perks with VPS hosting that you don’t get with shared hosting. It is affordable but much better than shared hosting and thus it is an ideal choice for small businesses that need a private virtual server.

But why should you switch to VPS hosting? What’s in it for you and what perks you must expect?

Let’s find out.

1. Security

The number #1 reason why you must switch to VPS hosting immediately is that it is secure. Shared hosting has severe security concerns. Even if you have maintained a high level of security with shared hosting, someone else’s negligence might lead to a breach. You share the server with several other users and if hackers get access to one of the user accounts, all the accounts on the server become accessible.

VPS hosting doesn’t work like this. Having your own server means you own it, and this enhances security significantly. Your data is saved separately and privately in the virtual server and it isn’t shared with anyone else. You get administrative access to your server and even root access to it.

In case of a user account breach, hackers won’t be able to access other virtual servers. You don’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake.

2. Website Performance

Website speed is one of the key metrics that is linked to several key metrics. For example, 46% of people say that waiting for web pages to load is what they don’t like at all, a 100-millisecond delay in load time is found to reduce conversion rates by 7%, and slow websites have a high bounce rate as visitors don’t like waiting and leave your website if it takes too long to load:

virtual private server VPS

There are several known ways to improve website performance and load time, but it all comes down to your host. If you are on a slow hosting server, no matter what you do, your website speed won’t improve.

VPS hosting solves this very issue. It enhances your website’s performance as you have your own dedicated resources with a virtual server. Switching to VPS hosting alone will solve website speed issues to a great extent without taking any other measures.

3. Scalability

One of the key benefits of VPS hosting is that it is fully scalable yet flexible.

As your business grows, you receive a high volume of traffic and this requires updating your hosting plan. You need to add resources and move to a dedicated hosting plan to best serve your customers. You can add servers and resources (RAM, SSD, etc.) easily as your business grows.

In cases where you want to remove servers or minimize resources, you can easily do so. There are times when you have to move a website, merge websites, use redirects, sell a business, etc. and in such cases, you need fewer hosting resources all of a sudden, and VPS hosting covers you.

This flexibility makes VPS hosting an ideal choice for all types of businesses. You don’t get this with shared hosting where the only option you have is to switch your hosting company or hosting plan with business growth.


VPS hosting doesn’t cost you a lot. It is quite affordable and the price difference between shared and VPS hosting is minimal. Don’t risk your website security, performance, and business scalability for a few bucks.

Security and privacy are perhaps the most important concern for businesses all over the world today. Don’t put your website at risk for temporary short-term monetary benefits.

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