Atlas throttle lock review

Review: ATLAS Throttle Lock

I have reviewed a lot of cool gadgets for cars and motorcycles. If you ride a motorcycle, this review is for you. If you ride it on the highway at all then you need/want the ATLAS Throttle Lock.

You know as well as I do that having to hold down the throttle on your motorcycle for an extended period of time is a pain. You walk away with your wrist hurting. Some of the newer and more expensive motorcycles come with cruise control, but most of the older motorcycles–or even newer ones that are less expensive–do not. So enter the ATLAS Throttle Lock a small little add-on that takes maybe 10 minutes to install and provides hours of enjoyment.

I have used a few other throttle locks as well as seen videos on others and most of them require two hands to set plus taking your eyes off the road which as you know on a motorcycle is very dangerous. With the ATLAS, with just a quick flick of your thumb you set it and forget it. Then again a quick flip of your thumb to disengage it. While the throttle lock is engaged you can still easily turn throttle either way to increase or decrease speed.

I give this a 10 out of 10 for me. It is a must to have on any bike and super easy to install. Really, anyone could do it. Even my 8 year old daughter could install this thing.

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