Tesla Puddle Lights review

Review: Tesla Puddle Lights

This is going to be a quick one because well…I am just reviewing lights and, frankly, there is not much you can say about a light.

Do you have a Tesla and want to give it a little more character? Do you want to make it a little different than every other Tesla on the road, but without breaking the bank? You should check out the puddle lights from TeslaPuddleLights.com–they have several designs to choose from..

You may ask, “What is a puddle light?” Have you ever noticed when you open any of your vehicle doors there is little plain old boring light that shines on the ground? Well, that is a puddle light. I  believe it gets that name because the light exists in case you park over a puddle–the light will help you see the puddle so you don’t step right into it.

Tesla Puddle Lights review

Now, back to the lights themselves they are ultra bright. I have checked out a few that you can really only see when it’s pitch black dark outside.. The lights from Tesla Puddle Lights I can see before it’s even completely dark out, but they do still have the best effect when it is super dark.

Last night was actually awesome. It had rained in Las Vegas (which is a relatively rare thing) and when the lights shined on the wet ground it shone like it has diamonds in it.

The Tesla Puddle Lights were super easy to install. You just use a flathead screwdriver or a plunger tool to pull out old and unplug the cable from the existing lights, and plug in the new lights and pop it back in the hole. It took me maybe 4 minutes to do all 4 doors.

I highly recommend these in terms of value, ease of installation, brightness, and quality.

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