Peril Protect water leak flood monitor

Review: Peril Protect

Today I am reviewing Peril Protect–a water loss monitoring system that can save you thousands of dollars in water damage. By the time you are aware of a leak, it is often too late and the damage is already done. As a person who’s kitchen has already flooded once, I like this system.

With Peril Protect, you get sensors that you can put under your kitchen sink, or near appliances, or anywhere you want to protect or monitor. So for example I have one under kitchen sink, all 3 bathroom sinks, laundry room sink, kitchen refrigerator, the refrigerator in my garage, around my hot water heater, and by my washer and dryer in the laundry room. If I have a leak or anything, I will know.

When my kids do the dishes, they fill the sink to soak pots and pans, and tend to fill water too high–above the lip–so water goes through crack between the metal sink and the counter top. Now when this happens I get an immediate alert and I go drain a little so the water level is not so high.

Aside from the sensors there is a Peril Protect main hub which you can place anywhere where there is an electrical outlet. Many home security and automation technologies must be placed near a router or connected to an ethernet port on your modem or router. Peril Protect does not use your internet for communication, so that is not an issue. It has its own cellular connection.

When there is a leak or flood, etc. you will get a text message alert as well as an email that will give address (useful for individuals monitoring several properties) and also the room location.

When you purchase Peril Protect, you tell them which sensor is going where and they send them pre-programmed so you just plug in the base unit and then put the sensors in their location and just hold down the button for around 5 seconds to turn on the sensor. That’s it and you are up and ready to go.

The only bad thing is once these get tripped they go continually off until the sensor points dry out.

Great for any homeowner or someone that owns multiple properties and is not there all the time. These are really good since you are not there daily to see if there is a leak–so this will alert you immediately and enable you to respond and take action before serious damage occurs,

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