Ubiquiti Camera G4 Pro review

Review: Ubiquiti Camera G4 Pro

Today I am reviewing the Ubiquiti Camera G4 Pro. I have been using this device for the past month, and I must say that I love it.

My old system was a CCTV that I had to have professionally installed. It cost more than $8,000 USD and it was not even 1080P quality and had no audio capability.

The G4 Pro captures 4K video. Ubiquiti also has a few other less expensive models that are 1080P.

The device was super easy to install. If you already have ethernet in the area where you’re installing it, it’s a simple matter of plugging in an ethernet cable and pressing a button on website to adopt. If you don’t have ethernet present already, you will want to run an ethernet line to the area. I did not, so I ran ethernet cable myself. It took me approximately 10 minutes per camera and I have two so far.

I love the fact that the video is such high quality and it is awesome that it has audio as well.

I currently have 6 additional cameras that are CCTV, which I will be replacing and going totally Ubiquiti.

For the Ubiquiti camera system you will need either their Dream Machine Pro, Cloud Key Pro or their Network Video Recorder. While I have the Dream Machine Pro, which has one hard drive slot, I opted to get their network video recorder which has 4 slots to store even more recorded footage.

I give this device a 9 out of 10. At $499 per camera, the only down side is the cost..

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