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How to Generate Leads with Paid Traffic

Generating organic leads can be a real challenge. This is because search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing seldom produce immediate results, and continuous algorithm changes might restrict social media marketing.

As a result, marketers would prefer paid web traffic for immediate results when launching campaigns. Paid traffic refers to visitors who arrive at your site after clicking on an advertisement. Yet, paid traffic generation doesn’t guarantee immediate results because you will be dealing with many factors ranging from audience behaviors to advertising platforms.

Also, each paid traffic has its pricing system and criteria for advertising, which implies you might soon end up with endless versions of ad copy, clicks that would never turn into leads, and spending for customers who don’t provide a decent return on investment.

Fortunately, these problems can be addressed by formulating and delivering a well-planned lead-generated paid traffic strategy. Here are the steps you should take to generate leads with paid traffic:

1. Employ Good Keyword Research

Though there are several ways for a brand to get leads online, pay per click (PPC) remains one of the easiest and quickest ways to get leads in virtually any industry. To start, a typical PPC campaign is launched by targeting the demographic of the audience you want to attract. But first, you would have to begin with extensive keyword research.

If you’ve been running advertisements for a while, you should regularly audit search queries because how your target audience browse for your products and services may vary over time.

While some businesses opt to execute these campaigns on their own, working with a professional who has done hundreds of campaigns and has knowledge in your area can help you discover opportunities you would not have been aware of.

If you’re looking for such a professional, visit Furthermore, this ensures that your advertisement costs are not wasted and optimized over time, resulting in the best results for your marketing expenses.

2. Increase Your Reach by Displaying Ads

Display advertising is online ads put on websites that are highly relevant to the product or service you are marketing. Ads could be text, video, or pictures that may be presented to your target audience.

The goals of your marketing campaign will determine the ad format you use. For example, an image-based ad is excellent for increasing brand recognition and may contain your company’s emblem or a picture of the exact product you provide. On the other hand, a video ad is highly beneficial when you need to present and explain a more technical product or service.

Display ads are helpful when search traffic for a specific keyword is low. Still, you know what types of websites or sites your target demographic likes to visit online, and it’s perfect for brands who want to maintain their visibility.

All of these can be achieved by learning through online courses such as the Modern Millionaires course. These courses can help you generate millions of impressions in a short amount of time through Google advertising and direct visitors to your website or landing pages, where clients can learn more about your services or contact you right away.

3. Bring Back Customers with Remarketing

Remarketing is a strategy that works in tandem with display ads. You may have been to websites where you looked around but didn’t buy anything. But have you been seeing ads of a site you liked visiting while browsing other sites?

This is referred to as remarketing. This highly efficient exposure technique uses cookies to keep your ad in front of your potential buyers repeatedly, increasing the possibility that they will recall that they were on your site and come back to purchase from you.

Even if they don’t buy right away when they first visit your website, the algorithm behind continuous advertising has been shown to have a greater success rate in getting clients to purchase from you again.

4. Use Social Ads to Engage with Your Target Audience

As consumers and businesses rush to social media platforms, social advertisements are becoming more prevalent. Communities with specific interests have sprouted up, making it easier than ever to discover others who share the same interests.

For businesses, this is the best chance to tap into the power of customer referrals. Many people want a friend or relative to recommend a product or service before buying it for themselves, and social media has become the ideal platform to hold these conversations.

Being social is all about gaining valuable insights into your target audience. For instance, Facebook has done an amazing job of defining its viewers by allowing people to post demographic information online, making it the ideal spot to advertise if you’re a business-to-consumer brand.


As you’ve seen, a lead-generated paid traffic strategy is helpful if your goal is to attract people interested in buying your products and services rather than merely boosting the number of visitors to your site. You’ll have a greater chance of turning this traffic into leads and sales if you follow the outlined steps.

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