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Julie Smith Shares Identity Security Guidance for 2023

TechSpective Podcast Episode 102


Identity security is crucial for effective cybersecurity. When it comes down to it, many attacks are successful because threat actors are able to somehow steal, hack, or otherwise circumvent identity controls.

The Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) is an independent source of thought leadership, expertise, and practical guidance for identity security–comprised of identity and security vendors, solution providers, and practitioners. IDSA is a non-profit organization designed to foster community collaboration and provide education, best practices, and other resources to help organizations with protecting identities and identity data.

The organization commissioned a survey of more than 500 identity and security professionals to examine the progress with identity security and to understand the current state and the challenges organizations are facing today. The results were published in the 2022 Trends in Securing Digital Identities report.

On this episode of the TechSpective Podcast, Julie Smith, Executive Director of IDSA, joins me once again to talk about the insights and findings from the report. We also talk about what the report reveals in terms of guidance that organizations and security professionals can take into 2023 to try and raise the bar.

Check out the full episode for our discussion of the guidance from the 2022 Trends in Identity Security report from IDSA to help you improve identity security for 2023. Julie also shares that she has been selected to join the Board for IDSA, and they are actively searching for her replacement as Executive Director of the organization. If you’re a CISO or security leader with a passion for identity security and you’re interested in a new challenge, reach out to Julie and the IDSA.

The podcast itself is audio-only, but the video of our conversation is also available on YouTube if you prefer:

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