Bob and Brad EyeOasis 2 heated eye massager

Review: Bob and Brad EyeOasis 2 Heated Eye Massager

Screentime has become a significant part of our daily routines, but excessive screentime can also have consequences—like eye strain and headaches. Enter the Bob and Brad EyeOasis 2 heated eye massager – a device claiming to offer comfort and relief.

A description on the Amazon listing for the device states, “The EyeOasis 2 eye massager features a row of soft cushions over each eye, which gently inflate in series to provide a rolling massaging sensation. The compression is to relieve dry and tired eyes (whether it’s from staring at a screen for too long), promote circulation, and encourage relaxation.”

But does it live up to the hype? I took it upon myself to find out.


At first glance, the Bob and Brad EyeOasis 2 is a stylish and modern device constructed with a blend of medical-grade materials to ensure safety and comfort. Its ergonomic design contours smoothly around the eyes, aiming to ensure an even pressure distribution during the massage. Moreover, the device is reasonably lightweight (just under one and a half pounds), making it easy for travel or on-the-go relaxation.

It looks a bit like a VR or augmented reality visor of some sort. It folds in half for easier storage and comes with a carrying case.

There is one USB-C port for recharging the device and four buttons on the front right of the device to control its functions.

  • Power: Turns the device on or off and cycles through pattern options (air pressure + heat + music, air pressure + heat, air pressure only, heat only, heat + music).
  • Pressure: Adjust the air pressure for the massage component from none to low, moderate, or high pressure.
  • Volume: Changes the volume for the music from none, to either low or high volume.
  • Heat: Allows you to turn off the heat or select from either low or high heat.

One commendable aspect of its design is its adjustable strap, which allows it to fit a variety of head sizes. This makes it versatile and shareable among family members. The soft inner lining is made of a breathable fabric, ensuring that it doesn’t get too warm or sweaty during use.


The EyeOasis 2 prides itself on integrating a variety of features to provide an all-rounded massage experience:

  1. Heating Therapy: This is the main selling point. The EyeOasis 2 offers a consistent and soothing warmth that aids in relaxing eye muscles and ostensibly helps improve blood circulation.
  2. Music: The device can play ambient music—gentle and soothing instrumental sounds to aid in relaxation or meditation.
  3. Air Pressure: Using a gentle air pressure technique, the device aims to mimic a hand massage experience.
  4. Rechargeable Battery: This is a massive plus for those who dislike constantly replacing batteries. The built-in battery ensures you can enjoy multiple massage sessions on a single charge.


Transitioning from paper specifications to real-world experience, the EyeOasis 2 holds its own but with a few caveats.

The initial experience can be a bit jarring for those unfamiliar with eye massagers. The combination of air pressure and heat takes some getting used to. However, once past the initial surprise, the device does provide a genuinely relaxing sensation. The heat is especially comforting, with a warming sensation that isn’t overpowering.

The music provides a subtle yet effective soothing feeling, which in combination with the air pressure, offers a comprehensive massage experience. Over time, it’s easy to get accustomed to this blend of sensations, which can be genuinely relaxing after a long day staring at screens.

Battery life is impressive. With regular use (around 15 minutes per day), I found myself charging the device once a week, which is pretty reasonable.

I meditate daily using the Calm app, so I simply incorporated the device into my routine. I mostly used it in air pressure + heat mode because I already have ambient sound and vocalization from the Calm app. The massage and heat are a nice addition to my meditation sessions.

However, the experience wasn’t without its cons. The adjustable strap, while versatile, sometimes lacks the grip needed to keep the massager firmly in place. During a few sessions, I found myself readjusting the device to get the right fit.

Furthermore, while the device claims to aid in reducing eye strain and improving sleep, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations. While the EyeOasis 2 offers temporary relief and relaxation, it’s not a substitute for medical treatments or regular breaks from screen time.


The Bob and Brad EyeOasis 2 heated eye massager is an intriguing addition to the self-care repertoire.

The price is right, too. At under $50, it offers a unique combination of features designed to combat digital eye strain and fatigue. While it may have a slight learning curve, and there are minor design improvements to be made, it is a compelling device for those looking to add a touch of relaxation to their daily routine.

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