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SBOMs: The Hidden Ingredient in Secure Software Recipes

TechSpective Podcast Episode 121


SBOMs (Software Bill of Materials) have gotten a lot of attention in the past year. Think of SBOMs as the ingredient list of software – a detailed catalog of every component, library, and module that constitutes a software product. This concept isn’t just a fancy tech term; it’s necessary in today’s world, where software complexity resembles a vast, interconnected jigsaw puzzle. SBOMs bring transparency and clarity to this complex digital environment, much like how an architect relies on a detailed list of materials for constructing a building.

The need for SBOMs is more critical than ever, especially with the surge in open-source software usage. Vivek Bhandari, VP of Product Marketing for Tanium, joins this episode of the TechSpective podcast to emphasize this point. Vivek highlights how open-source components have revolutionized software development, allowing developers to pick and assemble code like ingredients in a recipe. However, he notes that this innovation also brings a heightened risk of vulnerabilities entering the software supply chain. Knowing the ‘ingredients’ of your applications isn’t just useful; it’s a vital aspect of cybersecurity, enabling quick identification and response to vulnerabilities.

Surprisingly, the adoption of SBOMs is still not widespread. Vivek points out that less than 20% of software-producing organizations in the United States currently create an SBOM. This statistic underscores the urgency for the tech community to embrace SBOMs as a standard practice.

Our discussion also covers the importance of real-time visibility in SBOMs. Unlike static lists, software components are dynamic; they change and update regularly. Therefore, an SBOM should be more like a live GPS than a static map, continuously monitoring and updating to provide real-time oversight. This aspect is crucial for maintaining cybersecurity resilience.

Whether you’re just starting to explore the world of SBOMs or looking to deepen your understanding, this episode is for you. Stay tuned as we unravel the complexities of SBOMs with Vivek Bhandari and learn how to harness them for better cybersecurity resilience. Let’s dive in!

Check out the full episode for more on SBOMs and how automation, context, and compliance play pivotal roles in this process, ensuring not just security but also adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements.:

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