Review: Textable

Disclaimer: Textable did not ask me to review their service, and therefore, no free account was provided, nor was a discount of any sort. I signed up of my own free will for my business and paid for it out of my own money.

Textable is a service where you can use your own business phone number(s) to text from a web interface or a mobile app and share access between your employees. So, your employees will be able to see all text messages sent to a number they have access to, and any employee can respond to them.

It’s a great service, in theory.

Textable review

Day 1

Since signing up with this service, I have had nothing but problems.

First, I signed up for their White Label Service, where you get your own app with your own logo in the App Store, plus access to an API, which is what I needed. During the signup process, it asks you if you have your own Apple Developer account and will be putting it on your own account. I chose “YES,” and yet they ended up submitting it to their own App Store.

They then had to cancel that submission and send me the files for me to submit to our development account. So that caused a delay.

More Problems

Once we finally got the app up and running their service, for some reason, would not allow us to add a couple of our numbers. We just kept getting a “user creation error.” I messaged their support, who said they cleared something and asked me to try again, but it still did not work. Finally, after about a week of going back and forth with support, I got the issue resolved. 

We got the service up and working 100%, so now we can offer SMS Services along with the services already offered to our customers of Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Email, and Phone Support.  But that was short-lived because shortly thereafter, Textable- without notice or cause- terminated our account.

The only reason they provided was “irregular communication.” I’ve never heard of any business that has a working service and everything is good to go, yet there is a requirement for regular contact.

Do Not Recommend

I tried emailing them to get my account restored, but instead of doing the right thing, they just ignored my email and closed the ticket. Unfortunately, it seems that customer service is non-existent at Textable. On a scale of 1-10, I would give my experience with Textable a negative 3.

In one last effort to to try to get a response and get my account back I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau (BBB). As further evidence of their lack of professionalism, they didn’t even respond to the BBB. I received an email that the BBB complaint was closed because they did not receive a response from the business.

If you have a business and value your company, employees, and customers, I suggest you stay far, far away from Textable.

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