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Cloud Security is Broken: SentinelOne Aims to Fix It

Cloud security traditionally revolves around detection rather than protection. SentinelOne intends to change that by introducing a potentially game-changing solution—Singularity Cloud Native Security. This new offering moves the needle towards proactive, offensive measures that aim to protect as much as they detect with the help of AI and automation.

The Current State of Cloud Security

I spoke with Ely Kahn, VP Product Management for Cloud Security, AI/ML, and Core Platform at SentinelOne, about Singularity Cloud Native Security. According to Ely, the term “cloud protection” is effectively a misnomer, implying more of a protective barrier than many platforms provide.

Traditional Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPPs) have excelled at identifying threats but fall short on action. “The vast majority of what CNAPPs do is detect; they don’t prevent,” explained Ely.

This detection-focused model leaves a gap in security—actionable protection against attacks.

Introducing Singularity Cloud Native Security

SentinelOne’s launch of Singularity Cloud Native Security marks a pivotal shift in cloud security paradigms. This solution was engineered in part by one of the leading ethical hackers in the world and embodies a hacker’s perspective, offering not just detection but verified exploit paths that prioritize real threats over theoretical vulnerabilities. This approach allows security teams to address vulnerabilities with precision, focusing their efforts where they are most needed.

Ely elaborated on the benefits of thinking like a hacker: “By understanding how attackers operate, we can preemptively block their tactics and strategies.” This mindset is embedded into the very fabric of Singularity Cloud Native Security.

Cutting Through the Noise

One of the significant challenges in cloud security is the overwhelming amount of noise—false positives and non-critical alerts that can distract security teams from real threats. SentinelOne’s new platform addresses this challenge head-on.

Daniel Wong, CISO at Skyflow, shared some praise for Singularity Cloud Native Security in SentinelOne’s press release: “Singularity Cloud Native Security’s agentless CNAPP platform is significantly less noisy and its alerts powered by Offensive Security Engine are more actionable compared to alternatives.”

Beyond Detection: Real Protection

Detection alone is not enough to secure the cloud. SentinelOne’s Singularity combines the rapidity and scope of agentless security with the robust, proactive capabilities of agent-based defenses. This integrated approach not only identifies threats but also actively blocks them, providing a comprehensive defense that traditional CNAPPs lack.

“The future of cloud security must evolve from simply detecting to actively protecting,” Ely asserts. “Our platform is designed to stop attacks in their tracks, offering both visibility and mitigation capabilities that empower security teams to act decisively.”

The Future of Cloud Security with AI Integration

Generative AI has dominated the tech and cybersecurity landscape for the past couple of years, and virtually every company in existence claims to be using it in some way. But AI is not new in cybersecurity. AI and ML have been at the heart of cybersecurity for over a decade. While every company is scrambling to jump on the AI bandwagon now—SentinelOne is one of the pioneers that built the bandwagon and is helping to steer where it goes.

Leveraging AI, SentinelOne enhances the capability of security teams, automating routine tasks and facilitating rapid response to threats. This AI integration is not just about keeping up with adversaries; it’s about staying one step ahead. Ely discussed the role of AI in transforming cloud security: “AI doesn’t just support security operations; it transforms them, allowing even less experienced analysts to perform at the level of their more seasoned counterparts.”

Fixing Cloud Security

SentinelOne believes Singularity Cloud Native Security is set to transform the cloud security landscape. By bridging the gap between detection and protection, SentinelOne addresses the fundamental flaws in traditional cloud security strategies to move from detection to autonomous, proactive action.

As the cloud continues to evolve, the need for robust, proactive security measures becomes increasingly critical. With Singularity Cloud Native Security, SentinelOne not only recognizes this need but also delivers a powerful solution that promises to redefine the standards of cloud security.

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