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Extending Modern Identity Protection for Comprehensive Security

TechSpective Podcast Episode 134


There is a lot of talk about identity protection–password policies and best practices, requiring two-factor or multifactor authentication, user credentials exposed in phishing attacks and data breaches, etc. What we don’t talk about nearly as often is the fact that human user identities actually make up a relatively small percentage of the total identities for most organizations.

Another thing that is not often acknowledged or discussed is that provisioning a user identity and setting an employee up with a username and password was traditionally more of a pure IT or HR function–not a task that even falls under security. Times have changed, and most organizations recognize that identity security is a crucial foundation for effective cybersecurity, but most also continue to struggle with identity visibility and hygiene.

Silverfort strives to go where identity protection has never gone before. Hed Kovetz, co-founder and CEO of Silverfort, joins me on this episode of the TechSpective Podcast to talk about the challenges organizations face with identity security and share insights on how we need to evolve our approach to identity protection to adapt to the emerging attack surface and threat landscape.

Check out the full episode for more about modern identity protection. We also chat about the impact of AI on identity security–both in how it enables threat actors to accelerate malicious activity and develop more convincing attacks, and the ways it empowers IT security teams to streamline identity protection and improve security. This conversation is packed with valuable insights for anyone looking to enhance their organization’s cybersecurity posture.

The podcast itself is audio-only, but the video of our conversation is also available on YouTube if you prefer:

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