Author: Adam Serediuk

Adam Serediuk brings over 15 years of operations experience in high scalability, architecture and leadership at consumer- and enterprise-focused businesses. As xMatters’ Director of Operations, he’s responsible for developing the company’s cloud platform and scaling DevOps through salient solutions and innovative thinking. As a natural technologist and with a lifelong passion for technical operations, Adam has a reputation for solving tough problems and scaling DevOps. At xMatters, he works alongside a team of developers as well as the business on the common mandate - ship quality product fast while challenging the traditional norm.

One of the most exciting challenges young companies face is the prospect of scaling up. Successful growth is not just about gaining traction, but about implementing a smart business model that allows you to expand your customer base without increasing overhead at the same rate. Ideally, a scalable strategy will enable exponential revenue growth alongside more incremental cost increases. When your business has the opportunity to scale, you must evaluate your existing development tools and services. If you’ve integrated DevOps and agile practices, you’re already aware of the invaluable benefits of continuous build, deploy, and delivery. However, just because you’ve…

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