Author: Brad LaPorte

Brad LaPorte is the Chief Evangelist at Kasada. He is a seasoned technology executive with over 15 years of combined cybersecurity, product management and business experience. During this time, he has been on the frontlines fighting cyber criminals and advising top CISOs, CIOs, CxOs and other thought leaders on how to be as efficient and effective as possible. This was conducted in various advisory roles at the highest levels of top intelligence agencies, as a senior product leader at both Dell and IBM, at a late stage start up, and as a Gartner analyst where he conducted over 1,000 conversations with leading corporations about the rapidly expanding threat landscape.

Change is the one constant in the business world. For most organizations, change often results from market shifts or disruptive technology. Make no mistake, however, the pandemic of 2020 has been a change catalyst. COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation (DX) across the globe – and at the same time amplified the need to support a distributed workforce. The combination of these two factors has created an opportunity for some organizations to thrive while it has caused others to fail. Companies quick to adapt online have gained market share and streamlined business practices, resulting in increased profits. An organization’s cybersecurity team…

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