Author: Fred Kneip

Fred Kneip is CEO of CyberGRX. Prior to CyberGRX, Fred served in several senior management roles at Bridgewater Associates, including Head of Compliance and Head of Security. Previously, Fred was an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Co., where he was a leader of the Corporate Finance practice. In addition to Fred, former Bank of America CISO, Patrick Gorman, is another CyberGRX founding member and currently head of product development.

To compete in a global marketplace, enterprises are outsourcing business processes and other services at an increasing rate. This trend has created the attack vector “du jour” for cyber criminals and experts estimate 50-plus percent of major breaches involve a third party. Complex supply chains amplify this cyber risk by creating a “weakest link” dependency. As business leader’s digital ecosystem expands beyond the traditional boundaries of their organization, reducing risk from third parties has become top of mind. To help organizations address this issue, here are 10 tips to limit third-party cyber risk: Recognize that third parties are more than…

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