Author: Geoff Sanders

Geoff Sanders is CEO and co-founder of LaunchKey, a cyber-security company specializing in next generation authentication solutions. The third cybersecurity CEO in his family, Geoff’s a self-taught full stack developer and designer who has been leading product development and management for more than a decade. Prior to LaunchKey, Geoff ran his own web and application development consultancy after studying electrical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. Follow Geoff on Twitter at @GeoffSanders. Follow LaunchKey on Twitter at @LaunchKey.

With every new data breach, the digital citizenry becomes more aware that online activities aren’t necessarily private or secure. Whether you’re an adult looking for undercover dalliances on Ashley Madison or a child playing games online with VTech digital learning toys, the fact that you enter these sites by way of a password is no guarantee. Between the powerful cracking tools available to cybercriminals, the human tendency to take the easy route, and corporate negligence, it’s no wonder that attitudes about password security are shifting. Both end users and security professionals are calling for a better way forward. Security is…

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