Author: Ivan Kot

Ivan Kot is a Senior Manager at Itransition, focusing on business development in verticals such as eCommerce, Business Automation, and cutting-edge tools such as blockchain for enterprises. He began his career as a developer, taking different positions in both web and mobile development projects, and eventually shifted focus to project management and team coordination. Ivan’s everyday motto is: if something has to be done, it has to be done right.

Introduced in 2008 as the technology enabler for Bitcoin, blockchain can now address many challenges across a wide range of industries. Its architecture and built-in trust mechanisms make blockchain implementation a perfect way to collect, store and share data. Blockchain, as most other innovative emerging technologies, has long had a status of a misunderstood and overhyped phenomenon, the potential of which was yet to be unlocked. However, the sharpest minds together with industry visionaries, Itransition included, kept exploring blockchain’s immense potential. After hundreds of failed PoCs and pilot projects, blockchain is finally entering the phase of global recognition. Gartner’s 2019…

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