Author: Jamie Bean

Senior Solutions Architect at pixitmedia: Jamie Bean has over 20 years’ experience in the Media and Entertainment industry. Having worked with industry leaders, such as Envy Post Production and Glassworks, Jamie joined pixitmedia to play a fundamental role in researching trends and technologies. Today, Jamie is solving the problems of working with heavy media files and provides our customers insight into building high performance media workflows for both storing and moving data, effectively, reliably, and securely.

The media and entertainment industries are some of the most collaborative in the world. As such, working within silos has never been possible. On any one project, content creators will work with multiple studios, external vendors or freelancers, communicate with clients and each other across numerous technology platforms. The restrictions seen in 2020 meant that working separately, yet collaboratively, in the cloud was now no longer just an option or an add-on, but the very means by which companies in these industries remained buoyant amidst the unrelenting demands for content. Now, with initial teething problems out the way, we are…

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