Author: Jeff Harrell

Jeff Harrell has over 15 years of experience in the IT security industry leading product management and product marketing teams to build and market security solutions for businesses of all sizes. He is currently the Vice President of Product Marketing at Norse, a leading threat intelligence company. Jeff’s areas of expertise include cloud technology, threat intelligence, compliance, vulnerability management, configuration auditing, and encryption. Prior to Norse, Jeff worked for security and technology companies including nCircle, Qualys, McAfee, PGP, and eMusic.

Sometimes a piece of news comes across your desk that is too amazing to believe. You read it and think to yourself, “That can’t be true. No one with any professional savvy would ever make such an obvious mistake.” But of course, in the inevitable chase to shore up profits, poor decisions are made. This latest chapter in “Most Shocking News” is the discovery that Lenovo, one of the largest laptop manufacturers in the world, has been pre-installing software on its laptops that breaks one of the most basic trust models of secure Internet browsing. “It must be a pretty…

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