Author: Kurt Abrahams

Kurt Abrahams is the Marketing Director at Veriato. Kurt has several years of experience delivering results through improved processes in automation, organization and quality. He is a specialist in marketing operations and customer experience design from end to end. Kurt is an expert in various marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot and Hubspot. Through his experience, Kurt has developed a unique understanding of AI and Cyber Security Marketing.

In a recent survey by Webroot, nearly 75 percent of IT professionals stated their intentions to incorporate more artificial intelligence (AI) solutions into their cybersecurity initiatives in 2019. Despite these ambitious intentions, the same study revealed that a staggering 58 percent of these same respondents don’t completely understand how the technology works. It’s not surprising — AI and machine learning are frequently reduced to buzzwords. And as digital disruption becomes more competitive, demand has increased without a full comprehension of what the technology is or how it works. But AI is offering multiple use cases for every business — not…

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