Author: Karen Walsh

Karen Walsh is a cybersecurity compliance expert and lawyer who taught first-year college writing for over a decade. A published author with over 15 years of audit experience, Karen is currently working on a book about security-first compliance for small and mid-sized businesses to be published by Taylor & Francis in 2021.

With Election Day over, Americans await the final vote counts. As this contentious race coming to a close, securing digital data is now more critical to the democratic process than ever before. With nation-state actors seeking to undermine Americans’ trust in their time-honored process, ransomware attacks on local governments and disinformation campaigns will likely continue to rise. As Americans, we owe it to ourselves and our process to understand these threats and their actual impact on our electoral process. Cyberattacks undermine our democratic process when they reinforce disinformation campaigns because we fail to understand the attack type and its effects.…

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