Author: Maria Scott

Maria Scott is a technical specialist who shares her expertise through her blog tutorials. For many years, she has been an IT consultant and resource speaker, providing training services to different companies. Maria is very happy with her career and her family life too. During her free time, she spends mostly playing with her three children. She enjoys badminton, reading books, and collecting limoges porcelain.

Network security has always been an essential component of any business. It lowers the possibility of sabotage, data loss, and theft, which can potentially cost you a lot of money and damage your business’ reputation. Unfortunately, securing a business network is not as easy as it was before, as hackers gain access to more advanced techniques and tools that can potentially aid in their crimes. On the bright side, we’re also seeing improvements in network security technologies and techniques. If you want to guard against the latest cyberthreats, you need to adopt the latest techniques into your business’ network security…

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