Author: Paulo Machado

Paulo is a Cloud Specialist at Hyve Managed Hosting. Leading a team of cloud specialists at Hyve, Paulo has an extensive background in tech recruitment and advises customers and prospects on a multitude of cloud hosting services. Paulo is passionate about pursuing a cloud-first approach for all customers, helping them adopt digital strategies across global locations.

There was an expectation from some businesses during the pandemic that everything would soon get back to normal. The health crisis enveloping the world would be difficult to navigate but fleeting, and workers would return to their desks in their droves once the worst had passed. However, as the conversation started switching to a so-called ‘new normal’, this outlook began to look naïve in its optimism. A survey carried out at the beginning of 2021, roughly one year into the pandemic, found that 7 in 10 employees wanted flexible working options to stay as a permanent feature of their contract.…

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