Author: Tom McAndrew

Tom McAndrew is Chief Executive Officer for Coalfire. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts in both the commercial and government sectors. Mr. McAndrew joined Coalfire in 2006, and since that time, has held key leadership roles spanning Sales, Operations, Service Delivery, and Technical Testing, most recently serving as the company’s COO. During his time at Coalfire, he has established the vision and implemented new services to meet the growing challenges in cybersecurity in such areas as cloud computing, forensics, penetration testing, architecture, and cyber engineering, and expanded Coalfire’s compliance and assurance services. Prior to joining Coalfire, Mr. McAndrew had a distinguished career in information security and weapons systems for the Navy. He has worked for the Space and Naval Warfare Command, Office of Naval Intelligence, National Reconnaissance Office, Office of Naval Research, and has made deployments in support of overseas combat operations.

It’s human nature to prefer the easy path and be frustrated by challenges that get thrown in our way. In business, challenges usually mean we have to outlay capital to address them or see a dip in our corporate results. But we see time and again that challenges seen in another light present opportunity to those willing to have the foresight and appetite to embrace the opportunity. For some forward-looking companies, the challenges posed by cybersecurity threats present an opportunity to differentiate and gain monetizable advantage—for the most forward-looking, I believe privacy will be the next big opportunity to differentiate.…

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