Enterprise application software: Future plans, favored vendors, and best uses

I recently helped Tech Pro Research put together a set of survey questions to learn more about how organizations are using enterprise application software (EAS)–or enterprise apps.

Teena Hammond from Tech Pro Research wrote a blog post that provides a brief overview of some of the key findings from the survey. Here is an excerpt from her post:

Admittedly, enterprise software isn’t the sexiest topic in technology. But in terms of its value and relevance for day-to-day operations, enterprise application software (EAS) is crucial and forms the backbone businesses rely on to get things done.

EAS is a somewhat complex and ethereal term. It has varied meaning depending on who you ask, and applies to a broad range of technologies including business intelligence, customer relationship management (CRM), financial and accounting applications, and more. There are many household names among the established EAS vendors, but there are also many new vendors springing up to address specific needs.

Last year, Tech Pro Research conducted a survey to learn more about current use and future plans for enterprise apps. Survey participants shared valuable information such as which vendors they use, or were considering using, as well as why. They let us know what they like or dislike about various vendors, and what capabilities they were most interested in.

Fast forward to 2014. Using last year as a baseline, Tech Pro Research conducted a new survey and asked many of those same questions to see how things have changed from 2013. This year, the goal was to determine the current needs and to attempt to predict the future of EAS. Find out what the 196 respondents shared about EAS.

Check out the rest of the highlights from the research report shared by Teena: Research: Enterprise software satisfaction levels growing among IT leaders.

If you’re interested in reading the full research report, you  get it here (Note: You must be a Tech Pro Research subscriber to download and view the full report): Enterprise application software: Future plans, favored vendors, and best uses.

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