Surface Mini? Give me a Surface XL

Microsoft is holding a big media event tomorrow focused on its Surface tablet line. Most of the rumors and speculation suggest we can expect some sort or smaller “Surface Mini”. That has some benefits, but a larger Surface Pro would be much more valuable from a productivity perspective.

Here is a little of what I wrote about this for PCWorld:

Microsoft is hosting a media event in New York tomorrow, ostensibly to unveil new models of its Surface tablet line. Most of the speculation suggests Microsoft will announce some sort of “Surface Mini,” but a larger “Surface XL”—or something to that effect—would be much more useful.

I speak from experience. Most of the time, I’m working from the comfort of my home office and the Surface 2 is locked in its docking station, connected to a 29-inch ultrawide monitor, full keyboard, and wireless touchpad. In that scenario, the Surface Pro 2 functions as a PC, and the fact that it’s a tablet is largely irrelevant.

A larger Surface would be an alternative that might improve Microsoft’s ability to position the device as a Windows PC that lets you get real work done on the go as well….

Read the rest of the article by clicking here: Why a larger Surface Pro makes more sense.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Would you rather have a smaller Surface Mini, or a larger Surface XL? Or, are you just not interested in the Surface tablets at all?

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