Review: Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200

I found a wireless speaker system I can love, and it’s called the Minx Air 200.

My living room is pre-wired for surround sound, and there is also wiring in place to install speakers on the back porch. When the house was built I had planned to invest in a Sonos system with speakers throughout the house, but three years later that hasn’t happened yet.

I have spent time using other Bluetooth wireless speakers, and they’re OK. Generally speaking, they’re better than the built-in audio of a smartphone or tablet, but not better enough to be worth the cost, and they still don’t deliver adequate sound quality. Also, although Bluetooth comes in handy, most of my family has iPhones and iPads and we prefer to use Apple’s AirPlay for streaming media.

The Minx Air 200 is bigger and more expensive than other wireless speakers I’ve used, but the larger size delivers superior audio quality that makes it worth the higher price. All in all, this is the best wireless speaker system I’ve used, and the first one I feel can fill the role of filling my living room with sound.

For more details, check out my review of the Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 on Forbes: Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 Delivers Great Wireless Sound.

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