Are you worried about someone stealing your mobile device?

If your smartphone or tablet were lost or stolen, which would concern you more: the cost of replacing the mobile device itself, or the value of the personal content–much of it irreplaceable–on the missing device?

Most people still get smartphones on some sort of carrier-subsidized plan that makes them seem less expensive than they actually are. The reality is that smartphones like the iPhone 5s or Galaxy S5 cost $600 or $700 without those subsidies, and tablets can range from a couple hundred to nearly a thousand depending on the make and model. According to a new study, though, about three-fourths of people surveyed in the United States consider the content on the device more valuable than the device itself.

It also seems that people are more concerned about having a mobile device stolen than they were a year ago. Are you concerned about getting mugged for your smartphone or tablet?

Check out this article I wrote for PCWorld about the survey results: Study: Concern over mobile device theft on the rise.

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