1TB of OneDrive data is basically the same as ‘unlimited’

It’s like having a limit that you’re only allowed to eat 10 gallons of ice cream per day, or you can only watch 24 hours per day of television. No matter what the subject is, there is a point where a “limit” is so high that for all practical purposes it ceases to function as a limit. That is what Microsoft has done with OneDrive storage for Office 365 accounts.

There is still a limit, but the new limit for Office 365 accounts is 1TB of storage. I’m sure there are people out there who exceed 1TB of personal files and data, but they are a rare exception compared with the vast majority of users. Microsoft claims that three out of four users actually have less than 15GB of personal data on their PC. The 1TB limit is almost 70 times that amount, so I think it’s fair to call that “unlimited”.

Read more about the new OneDrive plans in my TechRepublic article: New Office 365 OneDrive storage is essentially “unlimited”.

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