McAfee report: Experts weigh in on Advanced Evasion Techniques

Cyber criminals tend to be a fairly resourceful bunch. They’re innovations are often driven by inherent laziness, but the end result is that they generally know what they want, and they’re skilled at finding ways to get it.

There has been a sort of Cold War detente between cyber criminals and security professionals for years. It is an endless game of leap frog where attackers find new holes to exploit, security professionals find new ways to detect and block those attacks…rinse and repeat. Where advanced evasion techniques (AET) come in is that users and security professionals can’t defend against attacks they’re not aware of. Advanced evasion techniques enable the attackers to fly under the radar and stealthily circumvent security defenses.

McAfee asked me and other security experts to weigh in on the threat of AETs. You can check out the full report from McAfee to see what the future of AETs has in store for computer and network security.

Industry Experts Speak Out on Advanced Evasion Techniques.

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