Box and iOS 8 make data accessible across apps

Apple rolled out iOS 8 today. Box has released an updated iOS app designed to capitalize on one of the new features of iOS 8–iOS App Extensions. With iOS 8 and the new Box app, you can now access your Box content from other apps that support the iOS App Extensions framework. It’s a significant step in eroding the “Walled Garden” Apple has traditionally enforced, and enabling different apps to share and collaborate in ways that help mobile users be more productive.

In a blog post announcing the new app, Box CEO Aaron Levie explains, “In a recent Apple earnings call, Tim Cook noted that 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies are testing or using iPads. Within these organizations are hundreds–even thousands–of apps where work is being done every day. To truly support choice and help employees be more effective and collaborative, it’s essential that information is not locked within a single app.”

Levie summed up with, “We’re just at the beginning of the Post-PC technology shift, with many more years of innovation to come. What Apple introduced today is crucial to the health and success of this transition.”

If you use Box, and iOS, make sure you update to iOS 8, and download the latest Box app to take advantage of the new capabilities.

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