Microsoft rolls out OneNote apps for iOS 8 and Android Wear

It used to seem like Microsoft was rolling out updates to OneNote every week. Now, it seems like it’s alternating between OneNote and OneDrive, and this week it’s OneNote’s turn again.

Microsoft launched an updated version of OneNote to take advantage of new features unique to iOS 8, as well as an app for Android Wear smartwatches. I wrote about the new OneNote apps in a blog post:

It’s been a few weeks since there has been any major OneNote news, but fear not! Microsoft has not forgotten the new crown jewel of the Microsoft Office realm. Microsoft recently announced new and improved features coming soon to the iOS app, as well as a new OneNote app specifically for Android Wear smartwatches.

It’s actually pretty impressive how quickly Microsoft jumped on the Android Wear smartwatch bandwagon. Smartwatches are still somewhat embryonic as a technology, and Android Wear is relatively new — just launched by Google in March of this year. Granted, Microsoft isn’t rushing its own smartwatch onto shelves just yet, but it’s a little out of character for the company to so quickly embrace cutting-edge technology.

The free OneNote for Android Wear app is available for free in the Google Play Store. Just download and install it on your Android Wear device, and a simple “OK, Google… take a note” is all that it will take to dictate information to be stored in OneNote. The OneNote for Android Wear app requires an Android smartphone running Android version 4.3 or higher — it also must be compatible with Android Wear and the Android Wear smartwatch in order to work.

Microsoft announced other new features for OneNote for iOS as well. Now, users will be able to clip websites from the mobile Safari app, import file attachments from emails, embed photos from iOS within OneNote, and share any information from any app on the device to OneNote. The ability to share content from other apps is actually a function of iOS 8 and requires the latest version of iOS in order for it to work.

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