Top 5 security threats to watch out for in 2015

They say knowing is half the battle. That seems particularly true when it comes to computer security, and defending against malware and cyber attacks. Firewalls, antivirus, and other security tools are still necessary and helpful, but the simple fact is that knowing what to look for and a little common sense actually provide the best protection.

With that in mind, I asked security experts to weigh in on the top security threats of 2015–what are the most pervasive or innovative threats we’re likely to encounter. I compiled their responses into this blog post:

Massive, high-profile data breaches pockmarked 2014, culminating in the bizarre events surrounding the hack of Sony Pictures—allegedly by North Korea in retaliation for the politically incorrect stoner comedy The Interview. That’s a tough act to follow, but I’m sure 2015 will make an effort.  I spoke with security experts to find out what we have to look forward to.

1. IoT: The Insecurity of Things

The Internet of Things has become an inundation of things. Hundreds of innovative, connected devices have emerged to interact with, track, monitor, and simplify just about every area of our lives. But these technologies typically have access to sensitive, personal information, and they also introduce a wide variety of new security issues for attackers to exploit.

2015 may be the year that IoT takes on a new meaning—the Insecurity of Things. “In previous years the Internet of Things was not a big deal,” warns Robert Hansen, VP of WhiteHat Labs for WhiteHat Security, “but we’re seeing an increasing number of vulnerabilities in internet capable devices, like TVs, home security systems, automation.”

2. Sophisticated DDoS Attacks

Denial-of-service attacks are more of an annoyance than anything else. They don’t directly steal your information, or cause any overt harm—they just flood a site or service with so much traffic that it becomes overwhelmed and prevents legitimate users from connecting to it. As many Xbox and PlayStation gamers learned over the holidays, though, DDoS attacks are becoming more advanced, and have a very real impact.

Read the full story on PCWorld to learn what to look out for this year: Experts pick the top 5 security threats for 2015.

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