Cylance becomes first next-gen security tool recognized by Microsoft

Cylance (a sponsor of this website) has earned the admirable distinction of joining both the Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI) and Virus Information Alliance (VIA) groups. What makes Cylance unique is that it is the first next-generation security tool invited to join these groups. It is also the first non-traditional antimalware tool recognized by Windows as a valid security control.

I wrote about the news in this blog post:

When I think of antivirus there are specific vendors and tools that come to mind: Symantec, McAfee, Panda Security, BitDefender, and others. Microsoft is expanding the definition of “antivirus”, though, by inviting Cylance to join the Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI) and Virus Information Alliance (VIA)—groups organized by Microsoft to coordinate antimalware efforts, and provide effective security for Microsoft customers.

Cylance is not one of the names that pops up generally—or ever—when considering antivirus options. That is, until now. The next-generation security company uses mathematical algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to proactively defend against malware and other cyber threats in a completely different way than traditional antimalware solutions.

The invitation from Microsoft to join MVI and VIA validates Cylance as a viable method of protecting a PC against malware. Cylance is the first non-signature-based security provider to be accepted into either program which is a big milestone for both Cylance, and for next-generation security solutions in general.

Reinventing the wheel

Traditional signature-based antimalware tools suffer from a serious Achilles’ heel: they’re reactive. Vendors can’t make signatures to detect and block a threat until the new threat is detected and identified, which leaves PCs open to exploit until the signature is deployed.

Stuart McClure, CEO and founder of Cylance, explained how Cylance solves the problem of reactive security in my “In Their Own Words” interview with him last year: “Our use of math and machine learning eliminates the current security model of trusting the vendor to stay ahead of the threat. Instead you only need to trust the math.”

Read the full story on Forbes: Microsoft Welcomes Cylance Into The Antivirus Club.

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