Manage your relationships with Vipor CRM

Contacts, calendars, and task lists are typically managed as three separate things but really they all go together to manage relationships and plan your life effectively. Vipor CRM enables you to manage all aspects of your relationships effectively and efficiently from a single app. Don’t let the “CRM” fool you–Vipor is for anyone who has contacts and a calendar to manage–not just salespeople trying to manage customers.

I wrote about Vipor CRM in this blog post:

One of the most important functions of a computer or mobile device, for many people, is managing contacts. More than just maintaining a database of names, email addresses, and phone numbers, though, contact management is about managing relationships. VIP Orbit has been my tool of choice for a few years now, but now it’s been replaced by Vipor.

Vipor is from the same people who brought us VIP Orbit in the first place. VIP Orbit was founded by Mike Muhney, who was also co-creator of ACT!—one of the most well-known and widely-used contact management tools ever created. Muhney was recently named by one of my Forbes peers as one of the top 25 networking professionals to watch in 2015.

The developers at VIP Orbit started with an iPhone app and eventually expanded to include versions for iPad and Mac OS X, but the ad hoc way VIP Orbit evolved made the process of adding on and integrating functions between the platforms cumbersome. So they went back to the drawing board and developed new unified code from scratch.

Vipor CRM is more than just a database of contacts, though. It merges contacts, calendar, and tasks. It provides a single app that allows you to track calls, meetings, emails, and tasks—along with relevant notes and information —so you can easily refer back to previous communications when dealing with someone. If you use Vipor CRM on an iPhone, iPad, and Mac—or any combination of those devices—it will also automatically sync changes and new information so you have the latest, most current data on all of your devices.

Check out the complete post on Forbes: VIP Orbit Reinvents Itself As Vipor CRM.

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