Apple iPad Pro rumored to include USB 3.0 ports and mouse input

According to rampant speculation by analysts Apple plans to introduce a larger iPad model this year. A larger iPad would be a reflection both of the success of the larger iPhone 6, as well as Apple’s partnership with IBM to bring its mobile devices into the enterprise. The rumored tablet has suffered several apparent setbacks resulting in production delays pushing its as-yet-unconfirmed launch to late 2015. A report in the Wall Street Journal suggests that one of the major reasons behind the proposed iPad Pro’s setback is the difficulty in setting requirements for its hardware design.

“People familiar with the matter” have apparently told the Wall Street Journal that Apple is considering the unprecedented move of integrating USB 3.0 ports to the iPad’s hardware. The move would allow users to connect external devices—I’m guessing just Apple products—to the iPad Pro. Although there is no substantial news source to back this rumor, I believe the consistent re-scheduling of its release dates may be an indication of some radical changes coming to the iPad’s overall design.

Another surprising rumor making the rounds suggests that Apple may also be planning to build other external input devices that can take advantage of the USB 3.0 ports such as an external keyboard and a mouse! In my humble opinion, these rumors seem to be far-fetched if one takes into consideration Apple’s love for building compact experiences that reject any form of external support to their functionality. But who am I to know the inner workings of Tim Cook’s mind? If he could successfully break tradition by designing a bigger iPhone device, then anything is possible.

iPads have always been known to rely on the exceptional touchscreen interface and the occasional Bluetooth-connected keyboard. Including USB 3.0 ports to connect an external mouse or wired keyboards may mean a new iOS version for its smart devices may also be in the works.

Whatever the case may be, stay tuned to TechSpective. We’ll keep you updated as the iPad Pro story unfolds.

What do you think? Do you believe that Apple might add USB ports or an external mouse to the iPad tablet? Are those even features you would want in the next-generation iPad? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Apple iPad Pro rumored to include USB 3.0 ports and mouse input”

  1. Bruce G Miller Sr

    I actually don’t want an iPad with USB ports and tethering external devices to my mobile device. The whole idea behind my purchasing several iPads over the last few years was the touch screen experience. However, I would welcome the addition of an SD card slot to expand storage and transfer files and the photo gallery.

    1. Agreed. The only way I can see that adding value is if the USB ports and such are actually on a keyboard docking station–effectively turning the iPad Pro into a 2-in-1 hybrid device. In that case, though, I would want it to run Mac OS X when docked and iOS when used purely as a tablet.

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