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Windows Hello lets your face be your Windows 10 password

Windows 10 is ramping up to possibly be the most iconic operating system Microsoft has released in two decades. Microsoft provided another sneak peek into a new biometric authentication feature called Windows Hello that will provide instant access to users just by scanning your face, iris, or fingerprint.

Microsoft expects these means of authentication to gradually phase-out the traditional use of passwords and PIN to access personal devices.

Windows Hello is built with specialized hardware components and software applications that are capable of accurate verification of a user’s features. This special combination will make devices more secure and accessible to the user. The Windows Hello system will also be integrated with applications on upgraded devices, thereby enabling users to authenticate apps and access enterprise systems without using passwords or codes.

Organizations will be able to use Windows Hello as well. Windows Hello offers enterprise-grade security solutions with strict access requirements and regulations. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore explained in a blog post, “It’s a solution that government, defense, financial, health care and other related organizations will use to enhance their overall security, with a simple experience designed to delight.”

Although there is yet to be an official statement on devices that will be ‘Windows Hello friendly’, it’s safe to assume that devices with built-in fingerprint scanners will immediately be able to take advantage of these features. Microsoft also announced that all OEM systems incorporating the Intel RealSense 3D camera (F200) will support the facial and iris authentication functions of Window Hello.

The exact date for the launch of Windows 10 is still unknown but Microsoft revealed that it will officially release the new OS this summer. Rest assured that TechSpective will be around to announce the complete unveiling of Windows 10 and make sure you get all the information you need.

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  1. hmm, not sure if I like this idea… can’t they get your fingerprint off the keyboard with tape?

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