Sec­ūr SP-5000 Solar Media Player

Review: Secūr SP-5000 Solar Media Player

Most mobile devices have admirable battery life capable of making it through a day—or at least most of it. There is some sort of Murphy’s Law of mobile device battery life, however, that dictates our mobile device will run out of juice just when you need it most, and when you’re away from a power source for extended periods of time it’s nice to have a way to recharge on the go. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]That’s where a gadget like the Sec­ūr SP-5000 Solar Media Player comes in[/inlinetweet].


Have you ever had a mobile device run out of power? Of course you have. There are a wide variety of mobile chargers available to resolve that problem. The issue with most of them, however, is that you have to make sure they’re charged as well. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as finding that your portable charger is also dead.

The nice thing about the Sec­ūr SP-5000 Solar Media Player is that the top of it is a solar panel. As long as you can find a source of light you can recharge the SP-5000, and therefore recharge your devices as well. It can also be charged (faster) from a computer or other power source using a microUSB cable, but having a solar charger can really help when you need it most.


If you’re having a picnic, going camping, hanging out at the beach or just about any other outdoor activity, it’s nice to have some tunes. The SP-5000 is also a portable speaker system. It plugs in to the headphone jack on your mobile device—which can be safely tucked inside the case simultaneously charging while you listen to your music.

I’ve tried much better portable speakers. I have portable Bluetooth and Apple AIrPlay speakers that are more powerful, and have better sound quality. The speakers on the SP-5000 are adequate, though, for a multi-purpose device so you don’t have to carry a bunch of different gadgets.


One of the best things about the SP-5000 is the protection it provides for your mobile device—especially if you’re out and about enjoying outdoor activities. The SP-5000 is a hardshell case that zips to safely store your smartphone inside. It has a padded interior to absorb shocks, and the case is both dustproof and rainproof to protect your device from the elements.

The SP-5000 also has a carabiner clip so it can be easily attached to a backpack or hung inside a tent. No matter where your travels take you this gadget should be able to protect your smartphone from the elements.


The SP-5000 isn’t the best or fastest portable charger. It isn’t the best portable speaker system. At $50 it’s at the top end of what I consider even remotely acceptable for this gadget based on how its constructed and how well it works. That said, it’s as cheap or cheaper than buying a separate portable charger and separate portable speaker, and it has the added benefits of solar charging, and a dust resistant, water resistant, hard-sided case to protect your smartphone. All in all, it’s a pretty handy gadget for $50.

50 thoughts on “Review: Secūr SP-5000 Solar Media Player”

  1. Looks like a nice way to kill two birds with one stone — on the go charging and external speakers.

  2. Since I’ve had to replace the glass on my iPhone 6 not once, but twice in the past 6 weeks, I certainly could use some extra protection.

  3. Benjamin Fasel

    I wish the speakers were better, but they’re probably good enough when I’m out mountain biking.

  4. Christopher Wunker

    I like to push the use of my cell phones longer than most I guess. With non-replaceable batteries that means the battery dies sooner and sooner. Having a solar powered charger is a great idea so you never have to worry about recharging it for when it is needed. The SP-5000 has the added bonuses of being a protective case and a speaker system!

  5. I would like it for the extra power and the speaker part is more of a don’t care. The review doesn’t mention dimensions or weight.

  6. The battery on my smartphone is living on Social Security and a solar charger would help keeping it awake.

  7. Brian Carabine

    The advantage of having one item to take care of three requirements goes a long way to compensate for any shortcomings in any of the three areas.

  8. Being someone who cmps a lot (in a tent, no electricity) this would be a great help in keeping phones and other devices charged.

  9. We sail, camp and ski – all for long hours away from chargers and in the sun. Sharing some good music with a little wine and cheese sounds like a perfect combination!

  10. Not really sure how well I would like tucking the phone inside to use it. But if I needed a quick charge I would glad I had it.

  11. I’ve never used solar charging device, but overall, this sounds pretty nice. I’m not an audiophile, so I’m not worried about the sound not being top-notch, as long as the overall experience is convenient.

  12. I like this for the warm park/picnic season coming up. I have 12000ma “brick” external charger, but 90% of the time I need it, I’ve forgotten to leave it on the charger and it’s dead. As long as there’s Sun, I’ll get a charge with this. I’m intrigued.

  13. Michael Johnson

    I like the idea of a solar charger as I never like to be anywhere without juice somewhere nearby. Can one assume that the 5000 indicates 500mAh?

  14. Great idea for a multifunctional add-on. It would be better if there were also an onboard battery to charge which would help ensure extra capacity even in the office.

  15. What I like about the Secūr SP-5000: First is the Solar Powered charging, Second is the Protection, and seeing I live in a rugged desert environment, both together is great.

  16. This would insure my daughter would always be able to call home. Nothing like a little peace of mind!

  17. I am amazed that a phone could be solar charged, and also amazed that this possibility never occurred to me. What a cool way to power your phone.

  18. My wife is forever forgetting to charge and, even, forgets that I have charging cables set up in the car for her. Maybe this would help – LOL.

  19. All this for $50 seems pretty good. Like the multi-purposes it serves with the dustproof and rainproof being bonuses.

  20. How well does it charge from indoor lighting? I would love a solar charger. My phone is 3-4 years old and unfortunately needs some help in the battery department. I promised myself a new iPhone after I get out of debt. Til then, make the best of what I’ve got and find cool options such as this to keep it charged.

  21. This would be practical for me as I run a lot of errands. Sometimes, I don’t have the opportunity to recharge in car, so carrying this around with me would be helpful. I would enjoy the opportunity to see how well it would work out for me.

  22. What’s not to like about this solar media player! It would see lots of use in my trip to Mongolia this summer. Opportunities to plug in my smartphone will be few and far between, especially in the Gobi Desert, so the solar charging would be ideal. The storage and protection of the cellphone inside the case is especially appealing as I will be moving around a lot and have a hard time taking care/keeping track of things.

  23. For me, the solar charging functionality is the real attraction, and the rest is just gravy. Of course, better sound would justify my paying a bit more, but I’d spend as much for the solar capability. So, I’d be thrilled to win this!

  24. James Keegstra

    Seems like a good start. Will there be color choices? Could some ports be offered?

  25. After receiving the much anticipated Secūr SP-5000 Solar Media Player, I had plenty of occasions to try it out. I must say it did it’s job. The charge time was on the slow side, wish it were faster. I like the hard case. On the down side, the speakers sound muffled, but this is a multi-function item, which in general, does what it’s meant to do. Hopefully they will improve the sound quality and charge time on future models. Thanks again!

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