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SenseGiz Find can help you never lose anything ever again

If you’re human and alive—which I will assume you are based on the fact that you’re reading this—you’ve most likely lost something at some point in your life. Car keys tend to disappear when you need them most. Smartphones are frequently misplaced. Pets take off to roam the neighborhood without letting you know. It would be great if you could put some sort of tracking device on everything so you can just set off an alarm or pull it up on a map and figure out exactly where it is. The Find from SenseGiz is a little device that does exactly that.


The Find is a small, roughly square gadget. It is 38.6mm on each side with three of the four corners being rounded and a hole at the upper right to attach it to a key ring, carabiner, or other such thing. The device is 6.4mm thick and weighs almost nothing.

It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with a smartphone app at a range of up to 160 feet. The CR1632 coin cell battery will last up to six months according to SenseGiz, and replacing it is simple. The Find case is also designed to be waterproof.


The Find pairs with the Find app on your smartphone—available for both iOS and Android. The app can be paired with multiple Find devices and you can assign unique names to each to make it easier to identify and manage them within the app.

Once paired you can customize the configuration for the Find. You can select Manual, Active, Phone Protect, or Combined Mode for tracking. Manual just allows you to find the Find when you need to. Active tracking monitors the location of the Find and alerts you when its out of range. Phone Protect works in reverse—setting off the alarm on the Find if you happen to walk out of range of your smartphone. Combined mode lets you do both at once.

You can configure the range at which the alarm goes off. You can also share Find devices with family or friends—for example sharing a Find attached to car keys with a spouse so either of you can locate the keys using the app.

When you need to locate whatever you’re tracking—whether it’s car keys, smartphones, pets, or something else—you can pull up the last known location of the Find on a map.

My Experience

The Find worked as advertised for me. I put it on my keys and walked away with my smartphone. When I got out of range the smartphone let me know.

I also tried out Phone Protect mode. When I got out of range of my smartphone the Find began to buzz and beep. It was loud enough that my wife and kids upstairs were annoyed by it so it would definitely get your attention.

It took a little playing around to find the right tracking mode and range to meet my needs. I don’t need the smartphone or the Find to go off just because I walk from my office to the kitchen. Once I got it worked out, though, it was very handy.

I didn’t put this on my dog’s collar, but it is small and light enough. The fact that it’s waterproof is also a bonus for tracking pets.

The Verdict

At $30 per Find it is definitely pushing the envelope for the value it provides. Pushing is not exceeding, though. This is worth $30, but it is a bit high and one really isn’t enough. SenseGiz should sell them in packs of three or five.

It also pushes the envelope on size. It is small and light, but it would be significantly better if SenseGiz could shave even 20 percent off the dimensions and weight.

The bottom line is that this is a cool and effective little device. SenseGiz is actively working on version 2.0 so hopefully there will be smaller, lighter ones sold in packs of three for $30 in the near future, but for now I still wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this as is.

28 thoughts on “SenseGiz Find can help you never lose anything ever again”

  1. Al del Rosario

    I’m hoping this can slip into a wallet … can’t say how many times I’ve filled up the gas tank and left my wallet on the roof and drove away

  2. This little gadget would be perfect for my wife, she is always misplacing her keys.

  3. I’m a disaster when it comes to not forgetting keys everywhere, so it’s not me who is begging to win this gadget, but my keys are 😀

  4. My wife is great at misplacing both her car keys and her phone as she never puts them down in the same place twice. This would be a blessing; except, I need several and $30 ea is a bit steep for several.

  5. Michael Johnson

    Oh my gosh, I cannot express to you how much my mother needs this. Perhaps with this she would lose her keys less…perhaps.

  6. I’d have to wear this like an earring so I could stop losing my head all the time!

  7. SenseGiz Find seems practical. they should really be sold in packs with a good discount.

  8. My daughter misplaces her phone daily and this would be worth the price not to have to deal with the constant crisis of not knowing where her phone is.

  9. Scott Hedstrom

    This would be very handy for me personally I misplace my keys way to often.

  10. If I had a nickel for every time I could not find my iPhone, I could buy the device by the gross. Certainly would save the world a lot of my expletives!

  11. My husband is constantly misplacing things. The only question is what I would put just one of these on.

  12. Another use that isn’t covered in your review is theft–Find is useful in a group setting which requires you to separate from the monitored device (e.g., charging your phone in a place that’s out-of-sight). If they can get the price down a bit, it will be a winner in the marketplace.

  13. Michael Slansky

    Really looks like a smart item. Would really like to win it. Very useful indeed!

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