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Microsoft unveils Windows 10 editions

Computer users like you can look forward to something more this summer than just another family vacation! As stated several times by Microsoft over the past several months, it is releasing the latest version of the Windows operating system—Windows 10—this summer. With summer quickly approaching Microsoft has now shared more details about the various versions of Windows 10 that will be available.

If you’ve been following different Windows OS version releases closely over the years you may have noticed that the anticipation around Windows 10 is probably the highest of any release. This has been evident ever since Microsoft released the Windows 10 Technical Preview to allow Windows enthusiasts to get a feel for what the Windows 10 final version will look like.

Even though the official Windows 10 OS launch date is not yet announced Microsoft has recently revealed all the editions of Windows 10 that will be available to provide a more personal computing experience to all Windows users across a wide range of devices and computing environments.

7 Windows 10 Editions

Windows 10 Home will be the consumer-focused desktop edition available for most home laptops and desktop computers with built-in universal Windows apps and innovative features such as Windows Hello face-recognition, Cortana digital personal assistant, the new Microsoft Edge web browser, iris as well as fingerprint login, and more.

To focus on small businesses and their varied requirements Microsoft will offer Windows 10 Pro. This edition is quite similar to the Windows 8 Pro edition. It will enable power users and small businesses to benefit from Windows Update for Business, use cloud technologies, enjoy support for BYOD programs, and so forth.

Windows 10 Mobile that supports mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with the new touch-optimized version of Office along with universal Windows apps as seen for Windows 10 Home. If you are one of those who uses personal devices at work, this edition could offer better productivity and management capabilities. You can take advantage of the Continuum for Phone functionality to use your Windows phone as a PC after connection with a large screen.

The full versions of all three consumer editions will be offered as a free upgrade by Microsoft for up to one year for all qualifying devices running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1.

To cater to the requirements of medium-sized and large organizations Windows 10 Enterprise version is available. It is especially suited for better security of confidential company data. Additionally, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise edition will offer the best customer experience to businesses in order to license the OS on small tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft plans for the Windows 10 Education version to meet the needs of students, teachers, and school administrators. It will be available through academic Volume Licensing. Microsoft states in its blog post that there will also be a path for schools or students using Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro to transition to Windows 10 Education.

The last edition revealed by Microsoft is the Windows 10 IoT Core for low-cost devices like gateways. You will also see different versions of Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise for handheld terminals, retail points of sale, ATMs, and the like.

With such dedicated versions available for different purposes, there is a strong likelihood that you will get to explore different Windows 10 OS editions at home and in the office. Are you ready to explore Windows 10? Which of the editions above suits your requirements best? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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