Kidz Gear headset

Kidz Gear headset: Headphones for kids

The concept of a headset is fairly basic and universal. Whether wired or wireless a headset consists of headphones and a microphone to enable two-way communication. The Kidz Gear headset, however, is uniquely designed with kids in mind.


The Kidz Gear headset is for kids so it’s smaller than a standard headset. The headset harness comes in a variety of colors (my review units are pink and blue) and adjust to fit different size heads.

The actual headphones are also smaller than typical adult headphones. They are foam padded and designed to go over the ears. There is a boom mic on the left headphone. It can be swiveled into or out of position and it is flexible so you can bend it to position for clear communication.


The function is pretty self-explanatory. You plug the Kidz Gear headset into an audio jack. Sound comes out of the headphones and your voice or vocal commands go in through the boom mic.

One thing that makes the Kidz Gear headphones unique—and particularly beneficial for kids—is the inclusion of a volume-limiting cable. The cable is about six inches long and connects in-line with the headset—you plug the volume-limiting cable into the audio jack and the headset into the volume-limiting cable. When attached, the volume-limiting cable ensures that the audio going to the headphones is maintained at a safe volume that will not damage your child’s ears.

My Experience

The sound quality of the headphones is pretty good. It actually was a little heavy on the bass, but I like my music that way so it wasn’t an issue really. These aren’t high-end headphones like Sennheiser or Bose so you shouldn’t expect premium quality sound.

Overall the volume was good. At max volume it was as loud or maybe slightly louder than my Skullcandy headphones. That may just be a reflection of the low end range. Overall I like the clarity and range of the Skullcandy sound better, though.

At max volume it is enough to damage hearing over a period of time. I installed the volume-limiting cable and it worked as advertised. The volume was attenuated to a reasonable level without stifling the sound or reducing the overall sound quality.

I made a vocal recording to test out the boom mic and I was impressed. The sound was clean and clear when I played back the recording.

The Verdict

I said it already but these are not premium headphones. If you’re looking for high quality sound you should be looking at things like Bose, Sennheiser, Logitech UE (Ultimate Ears), or others.

For the money, though, the Kidz Gear headset is great for its intended audience—children. The sound quality of the headphones and the mic are impressive for a device that costs only $30. Kids will appreciate being able to choose from a rainbow of colors, and parents will appreciate the volume-limiting cable.

As a side note or added bonus you can use the volume-limiting cable with any headset or headphones. If your child replaces or outgrows the Kidz Gear headset you can still employ the volume-limiting cable with other headphones as well.

13 thoughts on “Kidz Gear headset: Headphones for kids”

  1. I know it will be used at my home. All the grandkids got their own ipad for christmas but for some reason mine is still their favorite to use. So headphones are a must when they are watching their movies or videos on my ipad.

  2. The volume-limiting cable is a nice added feature they provide. This would be nice to keep the kids from listening to things way too loud.

  3. I_know_a_thing_or_two

    One thing not mentioned in your review is whether the headsets are more rugged than others. My kids are rather hard on headphones, particularly the cords, so I wonder how well these headsets deal with abuse.

  4. want2bawinner

    I would like a blue one for my son who is always on skype while playing games. I like the volume limiting feature. With that feature, I don’t have to worry that he is ruining his hearing.

  5. They would be great for my daughters to use the computer in the living room while Mom watches TV.

  6. the volume limiting is especially helpful and that it is usable on others is great, could use theses

  7. Why just for kids? I’m a big kid at heart.Actually would give to my to my granddaughter so when she plays obnoxious kids games on the iPad, we don’t have to listen to the repetitive voices and music!

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