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Review: Urban Armor Gear Rogue Folio iPhone 6 case

My thoughts on the Urban Armor Gear Rogue Folio Case for the iPhone 6 Plus is that its a great case for your phone. There are just two downfalls: no screen film protection and it’s not water resistant–let alone water proof (which my wife needs after dropping her phone in toilet twice requiring the phone to be replaced).

I love that its a wallet case so I can carry most of my cards (ID, credit cards). I can leave my wallet at home. On the downside it only has one slot that I have fit five cards in. My previous wallet case had 3 slots that held 4 cards per slot so up to 12 cards but it wasn’t rugged and looked feminine so I’m glad to give it up for this beast of a case.

Just have to now leave my US Passport Card and a few other cards at home.

Scratch Protection

I give this protective case a 9 out of 10. It has a protective flap that protects the screen when it’s closed but if you’re using your iPhone and accidentally drop it the display has no protection.

Drop Protection

Urban Armor claims this case has been drop-tested and meets Military Standards.

Military Stamp

I believe them. I’ve dropped my iPhone in the Rogue Folio case from some pretty high levels without a dent or scratch. I dropped it from kitchen counter onto hard tile floor, and had it tumble down the stairs coming to rest on hard tile floor.  This is a very well made rugged case.

Liquid Protection

This is where this fails. The Rogue Folio case has no liquid protection. All parts are open to easily let in any liquids.


At the $39.95 US price tag this case is well worth every penny I’ve seen more expensive cases at $60.00 US or more that have less protection. If you need a waterproof case spend a little more and get a LifeProof case. But if don’t need water protection then this is the case for you.


After more extended use I have to revise my review. My case has for the now broken four times–practically in the same spots. It turns out the case is very poorly made. I would not suggest buying one. While it may be covered under the one-year warranty and you can get free replacements during that warranty coverage period, whenever an issue does arise it will take two to three weeks to get your replacement. My experience is that the replacement case will also break within a few weeks. Once the warranty is up you’ll be on your own to buy a new case.



Photos by: Sarah Lawrence

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