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Check out new Docker hosting platform from ProfitBricks

When you think of cloud platforms the first thing that comes to mind is generally Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services. There are other players in the market, though–like ProfitBricks–and those smaller players are often in a position to be more agile and innovative.

ProfitBricks recently launched a new Docker hosting platform that includes unique features and benefits that make it worth taking a closer look at:

Organizations and developers that want to leverage Docker containers have a variety of cloud platforms to choose from. Rackspace, Amazon, Azure and others all support Docker containers. There’s also a relative newcomer in the mix looking to shake things up.

ProfitBricks is an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company that believes it has a unique value proposition for companies that want to take advantage of cloud infrastructures and Docker container technology. ProfitBricks was co-founded by its CEO, Achim Weiss, and its CMO, Andreas Gauger. The two previously founded the Web hosting service 1&1 Internet.

Weiss and Gauger launched ProfitBricks four years ago to solve a perceived problem. They saw the value of cloud infrastructure and cloud services, but felt that the existing platforms suffered in the areas of performance, flexibility, usability and cost. So ProfitBricks was born.

ProfitBricks claims to have more speed and provide better value compared with rival cloud platforms. It calls its platform Cloud Computing 2.0.

ProfitBricks Docker Hosting

Docker has become a household name virtually overnight—quickly establishing itself as the de facto standard for container technology. David Bartletti, a principal analyst for Forrester, recently wrote in a research report, “Docker helps developers package code for quick assembly and hand-off to quality assurance, testing, and production release teams with greater confidence that their app will run consistently as it moves through the release process…The Docker open source community is growing quickly, with strong representation from nearly every major cloud vendor…As Docker containers proliferate, developers and operations teams alike will demand management tools that help organize and orchestrate hundreds or thousands of containers.”

With so much momentum behind Docker and container technologies, it makes sense for a cloud infrastructure provider to integrate Docker into its ecosystem. Last week ProfitBricks announced its new Docker hosting platform. The platform features dedicated resources, redundant block storage, and 80 Gbps networking. It allows developers to choose images, link containers, and expose ports. The free tier offers customers 2,500 CPU Core hours as part of the Early Access Preview with up to 4 CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM, and 100 GB of storage.

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