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Amazon introduces private sharing feature to Kindle

If you’re a Kindle user you’ll appreciate that Amazon has announced a new private sharing feature. This will allow you to share book recommendations, highlights and quotes with specific friends using popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, as well as text messages, email and more.

Amazon Kindle private sharing

If in turn you receive a share with a single tap you can immediately start reading a free book preview right from your PC, phone or tablet. This does not require you to install an app, sign in or signup. It is pretty similar to how links to videos and articles work on the web today.

Amazon Kindle private sharing

This new feature will make it simpler for you to have conversations about your favorite books, even with friends or family who’ve never had a Kindle before.

The ability to share recommendations and quotes was possible earlier but you had to share it with all your friends on Twitter and Facebook as a public status update. Now with this new private sharing feature you can share it in a more personal fashion. By sharing it in a private message you can ensure that you send it only to those specific friends who you think would love the book.

Amazon Kindle private sharing

Currently it’s available only for Android users, but this feature will be coming to Kindle e-readers and other devices later this year.

“The perfect quote in a book isn’t always the perfect quote for your whole social network. Now it’s easy to share exactly what you want in a Kindle book with exactly who you want. Kindle makes it easy to chat about the books you’re reading, whether it’s making a recommendation or initiatinga conversation about a quote you loved. Friends who receive yourshare can instantly start reading a free sample of the book.No sign-up or sign-inis needed and it does not require anyapp to be installed.”Said Russ Grandinetti, Senior Vice President, Kindle.

Additionally, this could prove to be extremely useful for Book club groups. With this new private sharing option, they can have more in-depth conversations around the title they are reading via email or messaging apps.

Want to see how this works? Well, here are a few examples that Amazon has provided from Divergent, The Book Thief and The Hobbit which you can try out for yourself.

So what do you think about this new feature?

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