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5 Technological Tools Every Student Should Have

Technology is an integral part of student life and education, particularly when students participate in online learning. Online learning and remote learning are more popular than ever, so you need to make sure you have access to the right tools to participate properly. Here are five technological tools every student should have.

1. Solid Cybersecurity

You need powerful cybersecurity to protect your sensitive information no matter what your reasons for using technology, but it can seem like an expensive tool for students sometimes. This doesn’t mean you should avoid using cybersecurity, though. It just means you need to look for budget-friendly options. Look for electronics that come with built-in cybersecurity tools. Choose reputable and well-reviewed free or low-cost security apps for mobile devices. Look into family or group packages for security software you need to purchase and install. These tools will help protect your student loan information, school records and other sensitive information.

2. Access to the Cloud

Centralization is a highly useful strategy for students to use. It can help you keep track of everything in your schedule and workload, particularly if they change rapidly or often, or if you’re juggling multiple responsibilities at once. One of the best tools for the centralization of your schedule and materials is the cloud. If you have access to the cloud, you can keep all your school assignments, research, work and internship-related data, records and other types of information and files in one accessible location online. You also won’t need to worry about your hard drive crashing and losing all your materials. You’ll be able to access your data from any device at any time, and you can implement security protections to keep everything safe.

3. External Monitors

External monitors may seem like tools that are only used by professionals in office jobs. They’re quite popular in those settings, due to the extra screen space they provide for various work people need to do. However, that same use can be applied to student learning. Students can open multiple applications without sacrificing screen space, which is great when they’re trying to compare and contrast various sources or look at a source and an assignment at the same time. An external monitor is also able to be set up more easily at an ergonomically appropriate height and angle than a laptop screen, which can help students maintain good posture and avoid neck, shoulder and back pain.

4. A Reusable Notebook

Taking physical notes is something many students find helps them remember course material better than typing notes does. That said, it can be difficult to refer back to old physical notes and storage can become an issue as you take more classes and accumulate more notebooks. A modern solution to these issues is a reusable notebook.

Reusable notebooks are smart notebooks that connect to the cloud or another data storage program, so you can physically write your notes, upload and save them to your chosen data storage program, and access them later. You can also erase the notes you take after each use, so the notebook is ready for the next time.

5. Compatible Accessories

When people think about school-related technologies, they often think first about computers. This makes sense. Computers are the main method of researching, writing and communicating with professors, peers and classmates. However, you should think about compatible accessories you can use in addition to your computer to facilitate your education. These accessories may involve data storage, tools to help you focus or organizational tools. Students commonly utilize USB drives, noise-canceling headphones and computer mice. In some cases, accessibility and ergonomics tools, such as ergonomic keyboards and wrist cushions are also useful.

Different students will need and want different tools, so you should figure out what works best for you, what you need or want and what you can do without. Look for options that will fit into your budget and that can last for a long time with minimal repair, replacement and update requirements.

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