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Stay on top of all that agile DevOps development with business process management

You’re probably familiar with the old axiom, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.” Well, in a similar vein faster isn’t necessarily better–at least not in and of itself. Doing the right things faster is better, but organizations that employ DevOps principles and tools to accelerate app development without effectively managing the whole thing will just have a quickly developed mess.

I wrote a post about the new open source Bonita BPM 7 business process management platform to help organizations manage the whole life cycle:

Organizations embrace DevOps for a variety of reasons, but one of the core value propositions is speed. DevOps enables business to build, test, deploy and update applications more quickly than without DevOps. With so many quickly-moving parts, though, organizations also need tools to help keep track of it all like a business process management platform.

Bonitasoft developed its business process management platform—Bonita BPM 7—to facilitate the creation of engaging, process-based applications. It was also important, however, that the applications be able to adapt in real-time to changing business requirements. The latest release is an open source version that represents a strategic shift for Bonitasoft—a somewhat inevitable evolution to leverage the same practices and principles in designing and maintaining the platform as the platform is intended to manage.

“We’ve embarked on a new mission to create solutions that empower developers to build applications that support continuous change,” Bonitasoft CEO and co-founder Miguel Valdes Faura said in a press release statement. “To win in today’s competitive climate, you need to be able to adapt to change quickly and continually improve your business processes and the applications that support them. Bonita BPM 7 is the first solution leveraging the power of open source and BPM process-based applications that meets the demands of today’s business requirements.”

Bonita BPM 7 is built on a popular and widely used open source BPM solution. Developers can create processes in Bonita BPM 7 using the BPMN 2.0 standard, and can seamlessly connect with existing third-party systems such as CRM and ERP systems. Bonita BPM 7 builds on the open source foundation, though, with more extensible frameworks, and a powerful connector builder tool to enable developers to freely code their own graphical components and REST APIs.

You can read the complete story on Bonitasoft makes business process management more agile with open source.

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