Windows 10 event

Microsoft sent invitations for Oct 6 Windows 10 hardware event

Mark your calendars. Microsoft just sent out invitations and announced a Windows 10 hardware event scheduled for October 6th at 10am Eastern.

The invitation states simply, “We have some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices.”

Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed or denied the existence of a Surface Pro 4, never mind a timeline for unveiling it. Rumors and speculation have suggested, however, that Microsoft will launch the new Surface Pro 4 in October so I expect that we will learn about the next-generation Surface Pro tablet at this event.

Last week Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro, which coincidentally looks and acts exactly like a Surface Pro 3 running iOS instead of Windows. There is already anticipation for a Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft, though, and it seems reasonable to assume that Microsoft will beef up the performance and add new features and capabilities that could make the iPad Pro seem obsolete before it’s even officially available.

I assume Microsoft will unveil a variety of new hardware from OEM partners as well, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for news about the Surface Pro 4.

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